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A mixed-tape/best of episode marking the milestone of 25 episodes with snippets from my four favourite episodes. Each provides a clear and powerful takeaway, message or lesson.

Jordan Small
Executive Director

This episode is a little different in that it takes a quick look back at four of my favourite episodes with short snippets from each.

We’re marking in a small way the milestone of having reached 25 episodes. Each of the selected episodes are a little different, and for different reasons make my favourites lists. What’s common across each though is a clear message, lesson or takeaway.

The 4 episodes are:

Hon Tim Groser (Episode 1): I pick up the conversation at the point where Tim is reflecting on the victory of President Trump in 2016, what he terms the ‘cry of the dispossessed’ and the disconnection of the ‘lightly educated’ from the concept of the American Dream and the idea of progression and social mobility.

Anna Kominik (Episode 13): We talk about the future of transport and opportunity for New Zealand to take a leading role in the development of the future of the transport industry.  There’s also a strong message in there about how we can and should do foreign investment in New Zealand.

Leon Gurevitch (Episode 19): We reflect on Leon’s research into Weta Digital and the ability of Weta to bring together the technical or hard skills of science, mathematics, computing and engineering with creativity, art, story-telling required by the film sector. The broader lesson is that we need this convergence to happen everywhere for innovation and disruption to thrive.

Demian Smith (Episode 23):  Demian talks about the future of the relationship and comments powerfully on the Black Lives Matters movement, the history of the US on race, slavery, and his family’s story. He makes the point that the US is a complex place, it is not a simple story, where people have had to fight for their rights and where painful generational change, built off dissent and protest leads to growth.

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