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Collaboration, partnerships and meeting changing needs of workers


Innovation, technology, and globalisation are all changing the nature of work, displacing workers and forcing a rethink on education. Contrary to early expectations of highly mobile workers globally dispersed instead we see concentrations, key hubs, and uneven distribution of talent, the clustering of research and commercial developments, productivity growth and opportunity.

Our programme is focused on two areas: Connecting our education and research institutions into US clusters through collaboration and partnership opportunities; and Identifying the most effective and successful interventions and models to connect workers with opportunity to provide stability, a safety net, train, educate and upskill young people, mid-career workers and non-traditional students.



The Council is an established, non-partisan, non-government organisation focused on advancing New Zealand’s interests within a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with the US.



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A group of future-focussed thinkers, connectors and advocates who care about advancing New Zealand’s interests.



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