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Managing the deployment of advanced technologies in security and defence


Large tracks of data, artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, ubiquitous sensors, advanced manufacturing, and quantum science will transform the ways nations approach conflict. The deployment of these technologies in the security and defence sphere raises important moral and ethical issues that we will need to deal with. These technologies will also impose new operational requirements, command structures, involve commercial players in a domain traditionally dominated by State actors, and create difficulties from the dual use of many of these technologies. This programme is interested in these types of questions and how we can advance New Zealand’s interests in a way that is consistent with our longstanding values and positions.



The Council is an established, non-partisan, non-government organisation focused on advancing New Zealand’s interests within a strong, mutually beneficial relationship with the US.



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A group of future-focussed thinkers, connectors and advocates who care about advancing New Zealand’s interests.



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