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Since its initial flight on the Auckland to Los Angeles route on 1 April 1984, Air New Zealand has been forging vital connections between New Zealand and the United States.

The Auckland to Los Angeles’ (LAX) route quickly became a cornerstone of Air New Zealand’s international network, serving as a vital bridge between the two countries; the route has facilitated tourism, business, and cultural exchange, helping to solidify the trans-Pacific relationship.

Despite the challenges posed by the global pandemic, the route has evolved from a few flights per week into a daily service, catering to the growing demand for travel between New Zealand and the US. The route has played a crucial role in promoting tourism, enabling travellers to explore the natural beauty of New Zealand and experience the vibrant culture of Los Angeles.

Beyond its role in passenger travel, the route has also been instrumental in facilitating trade and commerce between the two nations, supporting the exchange of goods and services that contribute to economic growth for both countries.

Air New Zealand has continuously invested in enhancing the passenger experience on the AKL-LAX route, including the introduction of state-of-the-art aircraft, award-winning inflight service, and innovations such as the Economy Skycouch and Economy Stretch.

Looking ahead to the future of trans-Pacific travel, Air New Zealand plans to introduce further innovations on the route, including the much-anticipated Skynest – a six-pod configured sleep zone for economy passengers to lie down when travelling long haul that is due to be launched in September.

We applaud Air New Zealand for ensuring that this vital link with the USA remains strong for many more decades.


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