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The NZUS Council has welcomed the news of a meeting between US President Donald Trump and NZ Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern on Tuesday 24 September in the margins of the UN General Assembly.

Executive Director of the NZUS Council Jordan Small said a meeting between Prime Minister and the US President was an important step in continuing to strengthen and advance the bilateral relationship.

Mr Small says the importance of the political and security relationship is well understood, and this meeting is an opportunity to raise the profile of the increasingly high-value nature of the trade, academic, and cultural exchange between the two countries.

“Two-way trade has been growing consistently over the last 10 years. Trade with the US is driving change in the New Zealand economy towards high value goods and services that deliver high-paying jobs. The most recent trade data shows that in many of our highest value sectors the US is our number one market.

“The US is New Zealand’s largest intellectual property market, and our number one market for telecommunications, computer and information services. The US/New Zealand trade relationship is increasingly characterized by innovation, high value products and a focus on services. An FTA offers the potential to accelerate this growth and transition.”

The NZUS Council supports the work of Foreign Affairs Minister Winston Peters to promote a free trade agreement and the work of US Ambassador to New Zealand Scott Brown who has been a tireless advocate for a closer economic relationship.

“The US and New Zealand are long-standing trading partners who have a shared commitment to fostering innovation, facilitating trade and commerce, and encouraging fair competition. An FTA is a natural next step in this partnership,” Mr Small said.

The NZUS Council is a New Zealand organisation, established in 2001, focused on advancing New Zealand’s interests in a stronger relationship with the US.

KEY FIGURES 2019 (Source: Stats NZ)

  • 3rd largest export market ($9.24b) – behind China ($18.95b) and Australia ($14.08b)
  • 2nd largest market for services ($3.6b) – behind Australia ($5.19b) and ahead of China ($3.3b)
  • #1 market for intellectual property exports/charges ($243m) – ahead of Australia ($184m) and UK ($57.89m)
  • #1 market for personal, cultural and recreational services ($221m) – ahead of UK ($39m) and UAE ($21.8m)
  • #1 market for telecommunications, computer, and information services ($337m) – ahead of Australia ($274m) and UK ($83m)
  • #1 market for maintenance and repair services ($91m) – ahead of Australia ($33.5m) and China ($11.4m)
  • #1 market for Optical, photographic, cinematographic, measuring, checking, medical or surgical instruments and apparatus; parts and accessories ($277m)
  • #1 market for NZ wine ($559.5m)
  • #2 market for meat and offal ($1.59b) – behind China ($2.65b)
  • #2 market overall red meat and co-product ($142m)
  • #2 market for construction services ($4.55m) – behind Australia ($4.91m) and ahead of UK ($0.15m)
  • #2 market for transportation services ($717m) – behind Australia ($909m) and ahead of China ($219m)
  • #2 market for financial services ($54m) – behind Australia ($161m) and equal with China ($54m)
  • #2 market for other business services ($432m) – behind Australia ($951m) and ahead of UK ($172m)
  • #2 market for insurance and pensions ($17m)
  • #3 market for travel services ($1.47b) – behind China ($2.96b) and Australia ($2.61b)

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