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Today we’re back talking U.S. politics with a panel discussion – Leon Grice and Kenny Clark – as we count down to polling day in the U.S..

We start with a quick chat about New Zealand’s recent elections, Labour’s historic victory, what kind of mandate has the win provided, and the future of the National Party.

And then we take a look at the U.S. elections.  Now 10 days out from polling day – Tuesday the 3rd November – gives Trump a 12 in 100 chance of winning, not great but still a chance. We look at Trump’s strategy from here and what’s within his control to turn this around.

We consider the ‘undecideds’ – estimated at between 2-6 percent this year, versus 13 percent at the last election – and the special kind of scorn undecided voters seem to be receiving from some media quarters at this time. Who are the undecideds at this point, what is it they’re weighing up? Are they likely to be a key factor this time around?

Then we end by looking at the final presidential debate, the two different preparation approaches of the candidates, and what difference will a good debate performance make at this late stage.  And finally how are the two candidates likely to approach the debate.

It’s a lively and fun discussion.

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