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New Zealand firms exporters to the US are increasingly moving up the value chain. This case study highlights the example of New Zealand’s red meat sector meeting consumer demand for healthy and sustainably produced food. 

Jordan Small
Executive Director, NZUS Council

The strong growth in red meat exports to the US reflects increasing demand among well-being-conscious US consumers for products that are healthy and good for the environment. New Zealand grass fed beef and lamb are highly appealing to this market segment, but awareness of New Zealand beef and lamb among consumers is relatively low.

This is where the Taste Pure Nature campaign, led by Beef+Lamb New Zealand, comes into play. The objective is to lift consumer awareness of New Zealand red meat products and create higher demand and value. This is being achieved not only through traditional marketing, such as advertisements, but also via partnerships with US companies and retailers.

A great example of success is that of Silver Fern Farms, who retail direct to US customers online. A 20% discount paired with the Taste Pure Nature material led to a 370% increase in website visits and a 435% increase in sales revenue.

Silver Fern Farms has also partnered with US companies. Spiceology, a US based food company start-up, created a unique spice blend tailored to Silver Fern grass fed New Zealand beef and lamb. Among target consumers in California, Taste Pure has raised awareness of New Zealand beef and Lamb from 41% to 58%, and preferences for New Zealand beef and lamb from 6% to 13%, and 16% to 23% respectively.

This case study comes from our recently released report – The NZ-US Trade Relationship: stability and diversity in a time of change. Further content and case studies can be found on this website.

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