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Listen to our latest podcast series on digital trade. Short episodes addressing single questions. 

Jordan Small
Executive Director, NZUS Council

This is our latest podcast format where we bring little themed seasons, with short episodes, a clear point, often just answering a single question.

This current series on digital trade follows the release of our latest report on the future of New Zealand-United States digital trade, the challenges experienced by our digital exporters, and the case for a digital services agreement.

Here’s the key takeaway from our report – for our New Zealand digital exporters, the US is a great place to do business. The potential is massive. But there are challenges to deal with that would make a massive commercial difference. Check out the report and a panel discussion on the future of digital trade – you’ll find the details in the episode notes.

What we’re focusing in on for this series of episodes – are some of the current and future policy issues in this space.

Season episodes

Episode 1: What is the future of NZ-US digital trade?

Episode 2: Do we need a digital agreement with the US and what’s the best vehicle?

Episode 3: What’s happening with US trade policy and what’s possible on digital?

Episode 4: How do you regulate in such a fast changing environment?

Episode 5: What are some next steps on digital trade?

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