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Season 2, Episode 5: What are some next steps on digital trade?

In this episode we look at what’s next, what can we be working on immediately, perhaps before even getting to the point of negotiating a digital agreement.


It includes comments from most of our panelists and includes ideas such as: forming Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), getting better bilateral cooperation between our researchers and scientists, better digital enablement and interoperability on digital identities, harmonisation on the rules, regulations and standards in areas like paperless trading. And plenty more.

Further information on this series
This current series on digital trade follows the release of our latest report on the future of New Zealand-United States digital trade, the challenges experienced by our digital exporters, and the case for a digital services agreement.

What we’re focusing in on for this series of episodes – are some of the current and future policy issues in this space.

Looking at questions like – what is digital trade, what is a digital trade agreement, the best vehicle for an agreement with the US, why do one of these agreements, in the US political and policy context what’s actually possible on trade, how can you regulate in such a fast-changing environment and what’s the best approach, what are some of the next steps that New Zealand and the US could take right now.

We’re doing this in very short, single question episodes, generally 8-10 minutes long.

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